This is an invitation to dive deeply into your subconscious beliefs with tapping to help clear what no longer serves you

Tapping mini-series


the tapping system is broken down into easy to consume method so that you can create a practice for yourself


The information in this mini-series helps give a greater understanding of EFT


you will be able to build your own experiential practice to feel empowered on your self-awareness journey

this is for people who have experienced tapping once or twice or have zero knowledge of tapping and want to get the foundational details about EFT

Focus your energy on bite-sized, daily information that is easy to consume. 

By the end of the 21 days, you'll know all of the tapping points and how they influence the body/mind and energy system so that you can use tapping for your own self-regulation, self-care, and stress relief.

Also included in this mini-series is a special offer at the end of the to work with me to help deepen your experiential learning of tapping, help you get unstuck, and release limiting beliefs.

Bring tapping home


21 days of videos and lessons delivered to your inbox


History and Science of Tapping


How it Works


Tapping Points


Putting it Together + Scripts


Chakra System + Chakra Meditations


Special Invitation to Connect

That feeling of allowing and accepting all the parts of you because you have a tool that makes it so easy.

Christy Chadwick

Since my early twenties, I have gathered tools, sought therapists, coaches, classes, courses, two master's degrees, yoga certifications and life experience to bring in a sense of self-awareness.

What tapping does is allow me to go inwards (my favorite thing now) in a safe, almost effortless way, so that I can be fully present with myself to process tough emotions while experiencing a sense of calm. I love it!

I'm excited to share it with you in this introduction mini-series so that you can have a greater understanding of just how powerful of a tool this is.

“Tapping has changed my life.”


“I love learning about the details of tapping in this simple way.”


“Love the way Christy breaks this down and shares the chakra info!”


“It's so nice to have this in my tool belt.”


After this

a Foundation to build upon

Take this introduction to practice tapping on your own time at the convenience of your finger tips, literally!

Confidence to expand

Release those limiting beliefs that hold you back in order to expand into that person you know you are meant to be.

New understanding

Have a greater awareness of the body, emotions, and the energy system so that you can find safety and clarity.

Wander into the world of Emotional freedom with this foundations of eft - tapping to learn the technique that allows you to experience just that: emotional freedom